Curriculum and Instruction

We are working hard to implement the various curriculum expectations from the Ministry of Education. These guides set out what students are expected to know and what they should be able to do at key stages of their schooling. The staff members at Pilgrim Wood realize that the various disciplines relate to each other and share common information. Therefore, an integrated, thematic approach to teaching and learning is fostered in each classroom wherever possible. This year in math  we have a focus on numeracy skills and problem problem solving. We are also developing Design and Technology and Outdoor Education activities that support our math goals, develop problem solving skills and foster a love for the outdoors. 

Program information will be provided in the fall. At that time, program overviews will be distributed that identify the key topics, concepts or themes to be developed throughout the year. Our goal is to work cooperatively with parents to create an environment that nurtures productive independent learners.

The staff at Pilgrim Wood is committed to working with colleagues and parents in order to plan appropriate programming that meets the needs of all children within the classroom. When a student is identified as having special learning needs, the regular classroom teachers work co-operatively with the Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) to develop the appropriate instruction and assessment/evaluation. Delivery of the program is provided for all students within the context of the regular classroom environment or on a withdrawal basis.