Students, like teachers, are expected to arrive at school well groomed and appropriately dressed.  The following guidelines should be used to determine if clothing is appropriate at school: shoulders should be covered by material that is at least 3 fingers in width, midriffs should be covered, clothes should not contain obscene, racial or other inappropriate language or pictures, shorts should reach mid-thigh and hats should be removed at the door. Underwear must be covered and should not be seen when students are reaching or bending. 

All students are expected to have indoor shoes at school. This is beneficial for physical education and DPA.  Also, children’s shoes often get wet or muddy on the way to school. In these cases, it is healthier and safer for children to have alternate footwear for in-school time.  If the physical education shoes remain at school, these can be worn.  Due to the risk of tripping on stairs, sandals/flip flops are not permitted.