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Dance-a-Thon Update

posted Nov 9, 2017, 6:29 PM by Natasha Crompton-Dunn ‎[Staff]‎   [ updated Nov 9, 2017, 6:29 PM ]
Our students and teachers are excited for the upcoming Dance-a-Thon on 
Friday, November 17th! It’s our biggest spirit day of the school year and it is an important fundraiser to support various aspects of your child’s learning. 

We have just a few reminders:

1. Please remember to return your pledge form by Wednesday, November 15th! You can use the envelope to record payments and also include your child’s name and class. If you would like to make a pledge to this event you may do so by visiting School Cash Online (donation tab), cash or cheque. Please be aware that any donations made through School Cash Online will be emailed a tax receipt immediately, regardless of the amount. Tax receipts for cash and cheque will only be issued for donations of $25 and over, please contact the school office for the form needed for these tax receipts. Children are asked to get sponsors who are friends, relatives or neighbours whom they know well! CHILDREN ARE NOT TO GO DOOR-TO-DOOR.

2. The Cosmic store is open on School Cash Online. We have a variety items to choose from this year including a limited amount of Strobe Rings and Beaded Necklaces! It is recommended to purchase ahead of time for younger students.  **If you don’t have a chance to purchase your cosmic store items in advance, remember your loonies and toonies on Friday, November 17th. We will have a cosmic store open at the event. 

3. Volunteers are always welcome! There are many volunteer opportunities available including helping with the cosmic store, supervising the kids or helping behind the scenes with some administrative work. Please sign up for the time that suits you best. This event is a super fun day, for kids and volunteers, and a great fundraiser for our school. Any questions about volunteering please feel free to email ( Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn't work) to go to volunteer for the Dance-a-thon: 
To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do.We thank you in advance for your participation and support!