At Pilgrim Wood there are numerous opportunities to get involved and become an active and engaged volunteer. Your special talents and expertise are encouraged, needed and appreciated. Volunteers are a vital part of our school.

To become a volunteer in the school you must have a current police background check.  Please visit any Oakville Police Station and request a “Volunteer Background Check” with a “Vulnerable Sector Screening” You will be required to fill out a short form, show photo id and pay a small fee. Please note it may take a 4 to 6 weeks to have the form processed. You can find more information by visiting this website: 

Once the background check is completed please bring the form to the school's office to be copied for the school’s records.

If you would like to volunteer in classroom, please contact your child's teacher.

If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities please feel free to contact Carol MacCallum carolviaene@yahoo.ca


Refreshments Lead for Ecofest (April 20th)    -----  already been filled.
The Ecofest committee is looking for a parent lead to coordinate light refreshments (ideally from local sources) for the event. 
If interested please contact Sarah Lowes: lowess@hdsb.ca

Food Lead for Grade 8 Graduation in June    -----  already been filled.
The Planning Committee for the Grade 8 Graduation is looking for a Grade 7 parent to organize food for the graduation in June.  In past years, the food has been provided by the families of Grade 7 students with the idea that this will then be passed on the following year for their students.
If you would be willing to be the Food Lead for this event,  please contact Carol MacCallum:  carolviaene@gmail.com

Online Police Record Checks LETTER TO PARENTS.docx