General Information

Office Hours

The school office hours are 8:00 4:00 p.m.

Remember to check in at the office whenever you enter the school. You are required to sign in and wear a visitor’s sticker. If you are not wearing a visitor’s sticker you will be asked by our staff to return to the office for one. This policy is strictly enforced to ensure a safe learning environment for all our students.

Changes in Student Information

Please let the office know as soon as possible if there are changes to student info by emailing Mrs. Jane Murray (e.g., during the school year you change your address, home phone number, work or emergency contact phone numbers).

Up to date information is essential if we have to contact you in case of illness or emergency.


The Student Attendance System helps to ensure that your child arrives safely at school. This means if your child(ren) will be absent or late you are required to call the toll free number or log into the designated web site to report student absences. Call 1-877-409-6310 or If we do not hear from you, you will be contacted at home or work or cell. Students who arrive late, either in the morning or afternoon, must report to the office before going to their classroom.

Extended Vacations

If you are planning to take your children a vacation which will extend to them missing over 15 school days, you are required to fill out a form in the office.


From time to time students are required to take prescribed routine medication during school hours. School staff cannot administer prescribed medication without specific written instruction from the parent. This includes signed directions from a doctor. Medication must remain in its original labeled container with the name of the child and the dosage. The school provides a specific form for this purpose. Medication remains in the care of the school and students are required to come to the office for administration.

Student Safety

Our students’ safety is our prime concern. The town of Oakville provides crossing guards for those students who must cross busy roads while travelling to and from school. It is most important that children cross only with the guards. Parental support in reinforcing this safety precaution is very much appreciated. In addition, we ask that parents drop off and pick up their children in front of the park, on one of the side streets or at the back section of our parking lot. The area directly in front of the school is reserved as a bus stopping area. If space permits, the area next to the curb can be used as a “pick up and go” zone.

Cars parked in this area or those blocking the exit road in front of the school will be ticketed.

Lost & Found

Lost and found items are kept at the school until the end of each month and then sent to charitable groups. Students may look for missing items at recess, lunch or after school and parents are encouraged to check for lost items at any time. Small items are kept at the office.

Expensive or important items should not be brought to school due to the possibility of loss,theft or damage. We call these items “Treasures” and “Toys”and they should be left at home. Please note that the school will not replace the cost of any lost or stolen items.

Optional Attendance

Please click Transfer Schools within the HDSB for more information about optional attendance within the Elementary Panel.

Dress Code

Students, like teachers, are expected to arrive at school well groomed and appropriately dressed. The following guidelines should be used to determine if clothing is appropriate at school: clothes should not contain obscene, racial or other inappropriate language or pictures, shorts should reach mid-thigh and hats should be removed at the door. Underwear must be covered and should not be seen when students are reaching or bending.

Dress Code (con't)

All students are expected to have indoor shoes at school. This is beneficial for physical education and DPA. Also, children’s shoes often get wet or muddy on the way to school. In these cases, it is healthier and safer for children to have alternate footwear for in-school time. If the physical education shoes remain at school, these can be worn. Due to the risk of tripping on stairs, sandals/flip flops are not permitted.

Mascot: "Splash"

Dolphins are playful, happy creatures preferring the company of other dolphins rather than travelling alone. They communicate openly with one another working as a team to overcome difficulties. The dolphin’s behaviour reflects the kind of relationship we encourage at PilgrimWood. That’s why Splash the dolphin was chosen to be our school mascot.

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