Nov 15 -2021

Pilgrim Wood PS - Update Nov 15, 2021

Monday, Nov 15: Progress Report and Communication of Learning (FDK) sent home

Monday, Nov 15: Final day to order student photos from original photo take (not recent retakes)

Friday, Nov 26 - PA Day, no school (Student conferences in the AM)

Dec 20 - 31: Winter Break, no school

Report Cards - Conferences

All students in Gr 1-8 will be receiving their Term 1 Progress Report today (Monday, Nov 15). JK/SK students will receive a Communication of Learning Report. Printed copies of the reports are being sent home with your child(ren) today.

Gr 1 - 8 Teachers will be scheduling student-parent-teacher conferences to occur over the next 2 weeks with the final opportunity on Friday, Nov 26th in the morning. All conferences will be held virtually. If you require a computer device in order to participate in the conference at home, please ensure you discuss your need with your child’s classroom teacher in advance.

Unfortunately, JK/SK in-class parent observations will not be conducted again this year due to COVID restrictions. In lieu, our FDK educators will be preparing a video as a virtual “Open House” along with a personalized document about your child to illustrate their writing development. A short Google Meet conference with educators may be requested if needed.

Individual Education Plans

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of children with an IEP at school should have received a copy of their child’s IEP mailed to their home several weeks ago. If for some reason you have not received the IEP, please contact your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

Crossing Guard Service

The Crossing Guard at the intersection of CottonWood Crescent and Pilgrims Way is currently available between 8:20 - 8:50 am every morning. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are reminded to ensure they are allowing the Crossing Guard to assist them in crossing students, especially closer to 8:50 am.

School Cash Online

In anticipation of providing opportunities for students and potentially fundraising this year, families who are not already signed up for Cash Online payments are encouraged to get registered. We will be sending home School Cash online registration information for families who are not currently registered. Look for a “purple” sheet to come home this week.

Winter Break and International Travel

The Winter Break this year is from December 20 - 31. The first day back to school after the Break is Monday, January 3rd. If traveling out of Canada, parent(s)/guardian(s) are reminded that all students who are unvaccinated are subject to waiting out of school for 14 days upon return to Canada. This is regardless of parent(s)/guardian(s) quarantining/isolating or not.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) anticipating that their child may be out of school for 15 or more consecutive school days need to ensure they request a school excusal from the Principal for the child’s absence. If a school excusal is not requested and approved and your child is absent for 15 plus consecutive school days, your child will be removed from the school register and you may need to re-enrol upon return. School holidays do not count towards a school absence.

Please see attached for the School Excusal request form should you require it. The form should be returned to Mr. Kaiser in advance of the student’s absence.