Oct 14 - 2021

Pilgrim Wood School Update

Friday, Oct 15 - Grade 3-8 Cross Country Meet

Monday, Oct 18 - Student Photos (FDK - Gr 4, including 45-1, 45-1FI, SG-2PJV)

Tuesday, Oct 19 - Student Photos (Gr 5 - 8, including SG-1J, SG-2J)

Friday, Oct 29 - Halloween

Grade 3-8 School Country Meet

Pilgrim Wood PS will be hosting its own Cross Country Meet tomorrow, Friday, Oct 15 all day. All students in Grades 3-8 wishing to run will have the opportunity to participate. This is in lieu of participating in a regional meet where only a limited number of students could have participated because of Covid related restrictions.

Depending on the grade level, students will run between 1.5 to 3 laps of the route. We will be presenting students placing in the top 10 per grade with ribbons. All Grade 3 and 4 students running will also receive a participation ribbon.

The Meet will most likely continue if raining and only be postponed if thunder/lightning is present.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and family members wishing to cheer on students are permitted to attend during the day. There will be a designated cheering location for visitors on the field near the Creative Playground. Please ensure face masks are worn and social distancing is practiced. Please see below for the anticipated schedule for approximate race times by Grade.

9:00- 9:40 a.m - Grade 8

9:50- 10:30 a.m - Grade 7

11:20-12:00 p.m - Grade 6

12:00- 12:40 p.m - Grade 5

1:45- 2:25 p.m - Grade 4

2:25- 3:05 p.m - Grade 3

Student Photos

Student photos will be taken on Monday, Oct 18 and Tuesday, Oct 19. Class photos will not be taken as a composite class photo will be created for each class using the individual photos taken. Please see below for the specific day for your child’s class.

October 18th

KF-1 West/Senaratne

KF-2 Salter/Krmek

KF-3 Gordon/Penfold

1-1 Flint

1-2 O'Driscoll

12-1 Garcha

2-1FI DiMarco

23-1 Nethery

23-1FI Colling

3-1 Hasselman

3-1FI Simms

3-2FI Trzaski

4-1FI Janssen

45-1 La Rocque

45-1FI Albin

SG-1P Jensen

SG-1PJ Hamilton

SG-2PJV Jain

October 19th

5-1 Best

56-1 Slater

56-1FI Lowes

6-1 Brouwer

6-1FI Kellerman

67-1 Haddock

7-1 Dunn

7-1FI Arndt

78-1FI Wallin

8-1 Branscombe

8-2 Delgado

SG-1I Cumming

SG-1J Vanderlaan

SG-1JI Reimer

SG-2I Farrace

SG-2J Lynch

SG-3J Graves

Halloween - Friday, Oct 29

Students will have the opportunity to dress up in a costume, wearing Black/Orange (please not the same as the National Truth and Reconciliation if shirt has related writing), or regular attire on Friday, Oct 29th.

Given health protocols in place to ensure student and staff safety, families are asked to be aware of the following guidelines our school will be following:

● to minimize travel throughout the school and ensure physical distancing is practiced at all times, there will not be a costume parade

● having no visitors in schools (without an appointment), as per the September 2021 Plan, will continue to be practiced without exception this day

● costume masks cannot be used in lieu of a cloth mask

● students who choose to wear a costume must remain in it the entire day - there will be no access to washrooms/change rooms for the purpose of changing out of costumes and no additional storage for extra clothes

● families are reminded to save ‘treats’ for home and not to include them in snacks and lunches following Oct. 31.

Costumes that mimic the traditional attire of an ethnic, religious, racial or gender group/identity are inappropriate and unacceptable for Halloween at our school. This includes dressing in clothing of the opposite gender that is demeaning.’ Pretending to be a member of a group for ‘fun’ is evidence of cultural appropriation and sends the message that cultural attire is a ‘costume’ to be donned for entertainment purposes.

Additionally, do not wear costumes that require you to assume a racialized minority or other marginalized identity. Assuming such an identity for entertainment purposes trivializes and disrespects the oppression of

the group.

Examples of costumes that mimic ethnic, religious, racial or gender group/identity include:

● a caricature or representation of an Indigenous person by a person who does not have Indigenous Identity (e.g. Pocahontas)

● a person who is Transgender

● a person who is a Khalsa Sikh

● a person who is a Hasidic Jewish person

If you choose to dress up in a costume for Halloween, please ensure that you are contributing to the positive and prosocial climate that our school is cultivating around recognizing Halloween. Costumes that are intended to, or have the impact of, inciting fear and anxiety for others are not acceptable costumes and special sensitivity needs to be exercised around current socially trending incidents such as people dressing up as characters from popular media and approaching youth to frighten them at random. In the past, this has included scary clowns.

Please remind students that Halloween costumes should not incite fear and anxiety. As such, please refrain from bringing replica weapons or wearing costume masks to school.

Thank you for your support of students and families in Halton.