Oct 17 - 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Beginning on Monday, Oct 18th we will be adjusting where Gr 1-8 students have their zones for recess times. We are consolidating a number of classes to be closer to the school to improve supervision and reduce our environmental impact on the adjacent parkland.

Please see attached for the new recess locations. For Grade 4-8, these will also be the new locations for arrival at school in the morning beginning on Tuesday.

Also, starting on Monday for dismissal time (pick up students), for Grade 1-3 (including 3/4 classes) students there will be new locations to meet your child’s class. Grade 1-3 classes will move from the trees along the path on the same field but over to near the forest line. See the attached map for the new primary dismissal locations. Starting on Tuesday, Oct 19, these will also be the new locations for Grade 1-3 classes to line up in the morning.

Dismissal for Grade 4-8 will continue to be dismissed generally from their classrooms to meet parents/guardians of younger students on the field or leave to directly go home. Parents/guardians are asked to wait on the field while picking up all of their children.

A reminder that students are not allowed to use the Creative Equipment upon arrival at school in the morning or after dismissal at the end of day unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Student Photo Reminder

Student photos will be taken on Monday, Oct 18 and Tuesday, Oct 19. Class photos will not be taken as a composite class photo will be created for each class using the individual photos taken. Please see below for the specific day for your child’s class.

October 18th

KF-1 West/Senaratne

KF-2 Salter/Krmek

KF-3 Gordon/Penfold

1-1 Flint

1-2 O'Driscoll

12-1 Garcha

2-1FI DiMarco

23-1 Nethery

23-1FI Colling

3-1 Hasselman

3-1FI Simms

3-2FI Trzaski

4-1FI Janssen

45-1 La Rocque

45-1FI Albin

SG-1P Jensen

SG-1PJ Hamilton

SG-2PJV Jain

October 19th

5-1 Best

56-1 Slater

56-1FI Lowes

6-1 Brouwer

6-1FI Kellerman

67-1 Haddock

7-1 Dunn

7-1FI Arndt

78-1FI Wallin

8-1 Branscombe

8-2 Delgado

SG-1I Cumming

SG-1J Vanderlaan

SG-1JI Reimer

SG-2I Farrace

SG-2J Lynch

SG-3J Graves