Sept 28 -2021

Sept 28, 2021

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Hopefully everyone is settling well into new school routines. We have had a positive start to the new school year. We look forward to some student opportunities returning to in-person school this year.

A quick introduction about myself as your new Principal. Pilgrim Wood is now my 5th school as Principal with HDSB, my 3rd school as admin in Oakville, and my 21st year as a school administrator. Last year, I was Principal of Virtual Elementary School - East. Students in virtual English or French Immersion classes last year were most likely with me. My prior teaching experience included teaching all 3 divisions and working as a Coordinator of Special Education. Not including virtual school, Pilgrim Wood will be my first school with a French Immersion program. I do have experience with other Self-contained settings.

I’m excited to be joining the Pilgrim Wood school and community and look forward to working together with the Pilgrim Wood staff to provide the best educational experience possible for all our students, and families.

Please see below for some updates and new information.


Mr. Kaiser


Pilgrim Wood PS

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 30 - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - Students and Staff are invited to wear orange to honour the day.

Friday, Oct 1 - Terry Fox Run (see below for more details)

Friday, Oct 8 - PA Day - No school for students

Monday, Oct 11 - Thanksgiving - No school for students

Friday, Oct 15 - School Cross Country Meet

Oct 18, 19 - School Photo Days (more information to follow)

School Reorganization

We will soon know any potential impacts on our classes in relation to students leaving for remote learning or returning to in-person learning at Pilgrim Wood. If students are required to change classes as a result, parent/guardian(s) will be contacted in advance.

Terry Fox Run

We are pleased to be able to conduct a Terry Fox Run this year on Friday, Oct 1. Classes will be running throughout the school day. See attached for the class schedule.

Donations are not being collected at the school but can be made directly to the Terry Fox Foundation and be associated with Pilgrim Wood PS here:

Cross Country School Meet

This year we will be conducting a school-based Cross Country Meet on Friday, Oct 15th for all students wishing to participate in Grade 3 - 8.

Bus Delays

We’ve been informed that Routes 208 and 331 will be delayed for drop off in the PM everyday for 15-20 mins while Halton Transportation deals with bus driver shortages.

To check anytime for any bus delays, parent(s)/guardian(s) can find daily updates here:

Student Absences

A reminder to call or enter an absence for every time your child is away from school. Use School Messenger to record your child being late or absent from school:


Phone: 1-877-409-6310

Child and Youth Counsellor

At Pilgrim Wood Public School, we look for opportunities to enhance student skills in the area of mental health and well-being that reflect their ability to sustain good relationships with one another. We are very lucky to have a Child & Youth Counsellor (CYC) attached to our school to work with educators to enhance our students' well-being. Our CYC, Ms. Murphy supports staff and students in the implementation of mental health and wellness initiatives, as well as the development and co-facilitation of class and school-wide learning opportunities.

Inclement Weather Entry

During periods of inclement weather (rain, snow, sleet, extreme cold), all students are permitted direct entry through their normal entry doors beginning at 8:35 am.

Parent/Guardian Reminders - Masks and Parking Lot

A gentle reminder that all adults need to be wearing a face mask when on school property and the school parking lot is not available for use during drop off and pick up times.

School Cash Online

As we may begin to have a need to use School Cash online this year, we’ll be sending out information in the near future about how parent/guardian(s) can ensure they are signed up for it.

Bicycle Registry Program

The Halton Region Police Service is offering a bike registry program. If you or your child’s bicycle is stolen and recovered, the registry will help improve the chances of getting the bicycle back. See the attachment for more information about the program.

Water Bottles

As we only have bottle filling stations available (no water fountains), students are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to school. Please ensure your child has one so they may get additional water throughout the day as needed.

Outstanding Chromebooks

If there are any students who still have loaned Chromebooks at home and are not using them in a remote class, please have them brought back to school and returned to your child’s teacher.